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“Some people have previously undergone bariatric surgery but the procedure that was performed did not suit them, and therefore they had disappointing weight loss results or have started to regain weight. This can happen in a small proportion of patients following either gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass.”

“In patients who have previously undergone gastric band surgery, complications of the band can mean that it requires removal. These complications include the band migrating into the wrong position around the stomach, the band eroding into the stomach, problems with the connection tubing, leakage from the band, and dilation of the oesophagus above the band.”

“In these cases of failed bariatric surgery, revisional surgery may be indicated. The most common procedure would be removal of a gastric band and conversion to gastric bypass. Other common revisional surgeries include conversion of a sleeve gastrectomy to a gastric bypass and placement of a gastric band around a previous gastric bypass.”

“Revisional bariatric surgery has a higher complication rate and therefore should be considered very carefully. Choice of an experienced surgeon working in a unit dedicated to bariatric surgery, and used to the more complicated revisional surgery, will significantly decrease the risk of complications occurring.”

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