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The book is an absolute inspiration


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    I read the book and really enjoyed it. I have been stuck in the dieting rut for 15 years and has given up on myself. I then took the plunge and used the advice in the book and changed my eating habits. I started getting gusto boxes and learnt to cook. Best still my husband and I started cooking together every night which is a joy. I went from eating 4 different vegetables to over 20 and now have herbs growing out my back door to enhance the flavour of my food. Over all in three months that I have changed my diet to eat healthier I have lost 18 pounds and yet I’ve always felt full and happy with my new found menu and cooking skills. The book is an absolute inspiration. I’ve stopped hating myself and thinking I’m a greedy pig and started loving the abs j sweat and why I felt like that. I am no longer addicted to chocolate and can take small Amounts then walk away because I eat it slowly and enjoy what I have. I don’t gorge on it like it’s going to run out. I no longer have heartburn every night and my cholesterol levels are coming down. I have more energy and I feel much happier in myself. I took a huge leap of faith as my son gets married in 8 weeks and I wanted to slim down for the dress. But I decided my health was more important and chose to eat healthy abs see how it went. I will be in a smaller dress size but it wasn’t a chore to get there. I have learnt so much about food and how we become addicted to it and how bad processed food is. I feel free at last from hating myself and hating my attitude to food. I’m forever grateful thanks so much.

    Tracy S