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Let me introduce the team to you.

Dr Natalie

I am sure before you see Dr. Andrew, Dr. Nadia or Maya for your first appointment you will already be impressed at how friendly, understanding and organised our team is. This is all down to Natalie, our highly efficient Practice Manager who I am sure you will speak to on the phone.

Dr Nadia

One of the first doctors that you will see to discuss obesity will be Dr. Nadia Ahmed. Nadia is a world class obesity physician with many years of clinical and research experience from Harvard University. She has relocated to the UAE and we are extremely lucky to have one of the worlds experts on weight regulation as part of our team.

Dr Maya

Dr. Nadia works closely with Maya who is our expert dietician. Maya will give you all the advice that you need whether you are contemplating weight loss surgery or just need long term dietary and lifestyle advice. Both Nadia and Maya will offer you long term follow up courses to get your weight and health to the optimum!

Dr Madhat
Dr Marzena

In the pre-operative appointment, you may well see either Dr. Madhat (head of anaesthesiology at Al Zahra) or Dr. Marzena, two of the most qualified and safest anaesthetists in the whole of the UAE. With these anaesthetists, you are in the safest hands possible.

Dr Taghreed

One the day of surgery you will be seen by Dr. Andrew again who will go through the procedure and look after all aspects of your care during your recovery. Dr. Andrew is assisted during and after the procedures by Dr. Taghreed, a very experienced bariatric surgeon with many years of working in a busy bariatric unit as a surgeon during her American residency.

During the whole of your journey we will ensure that you receive the upmost care, attention and expertise by this handpicked team.